Research Project

Hello Probus Members! My name is Abigail, I am an honours student from La Trobe University who is currently doing research in Psychology. My research is about the relationship between social support, technology usage, and physical activity in Older Adults.

This study aim to study more about the structure and the role of technology social support on the levels of technology skills, interest, and physical activity in older adults.

I am kindly inviting you and the members of  Melbourne North Probus to join and participate in this study either online or via paper.

The survey can be accessed online by clicking here.

For pen-and-paper version of the study, you can contact me: via email  or phone number 0421 345 004.

The benefits of this study are:

  • The findings of this research can help understand the dimensions of social support and how it relates to physical activity in older adults.
  • The findings can identify areas of needs and guide what training may be required for this group of people in the community.
  • Helpful for future design of social support intervention.

By having older adults to participate, we can reflect on the kinds and levels of social support older adults receive. This can be potentially beneficial for the older adults community. Please find the attached documents for your reference of what the advertisement of what this study looks like. Please note that this research is under the supervision of Dr Carina Chan and has received approval by the La Trobe University Ethics Committee with the reference number HEC19197.

I look forward to your reply. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact me to for further explanation or any other enquiries.

Kind Regards, Abigail