Outings to films have been arranged on a Tuesday, (usually the first) of each alternate month. Commonly we have attended the Nova Cinema, Carlton; the Kino Palace Cinema, Melbourne; or Palace Cinemas at Pentridge, Coburg. Members often stay to enjoy luncheon together to discuss the film. Films are commonly chosen by popular vote at the preceding normal Club meeting.

LivingThe next film outing will be held on Tuesday 21st March at the Pentridge (Palace) Cinemas. Members and their guests will attend the 10:30 am screening of Living – the new film starring Bill Nighy. Click on the image at left for more details. You are invited to stay on after the film for lunch.

MV5BNzg3OTEzMTgtYWU0OC00YTI0LWIxOTAtNmRkNTc0Nzg2YWU1XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjY1MTg4Mzc@._V1_The last film outing – the first for 2023 – was in February at the Pentridge (Palace) Cinemas, Coburg. Members and guests attended a screening of the new Tom Hanks movie: A Man Called Otto. For information about the film please click on the image at right.


The first film outing for 2022 was held in February at the Rapallo CinemaStrathmore. For information about this private cinema, please click here. Members and guests filled the 14-seat cinema. The 2021 film by Kenneth Branagh, Belfast, was screened. For information about this film, please click on the image at left.


In May 2022, the film outing was to the Pentridge (Palace) Cinema, Coburg. For information about this new cinema, please click here. Members and guests enjoyed Downton Abbey: A New Era. For information about this film click on the image at right.

Lost IllusionsElvis

In July some members attended Palace Cinema, Coburg, to see the French film Lost Illusions or the new Baz Luhrmann film Elvis. For details of the films please click the images.


The September film outing was also at Palace Cinema, Coburg. The group attended a screening of Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. Nancy Stokes (Emma Thompson), a 55-year-old widow, is yearning for some adventure, human connection and some sex. For more information, please click on the image at right.

The last film outing for 2022, in November 2022, was also at the Palace Cinemas, Coburg. Quite a few members attended for a screening of Mrs Harris goes to Paris. Please click image at left for details of the film.

For further information (or suggestions) about film outings, please email here.