General meetings of members are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month except December. The last meeting of each year takes the form of a Christmas luncheon. There is always fellowship before the general meetings, but the formal meeting commences at 10.30 am and runs until around 12.30 pm. Typically meetings start off with about 45 minutes devoted to Club business, then a half hour for morning tea. Then follows up to an hour to take in a presentation from a guest speaker or other person of particular interest. The majority of members at each meeting like to remain for lunch in the bistro at the Waterloo Cup Hotel.

Normal meetings of the Probus Club at the Waterloo Club Hotel have been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When meetings resume, information will be displayed on this page.

For comments or suggestions about speakers for regular meetings, contact Bob here.

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The Annual General Meeting of the Club for 2020, deferred from March, was held online Tuesday 21st July.  The Committee of the Club for 2020-2021 was elected. Details are available here. Members who would like more details of the Annual General Meeting may make a request here.

In September, October and November 2020, meetings of the Club were held online using the zoom platform. At these meetings, there were fascinating presentations on trips to the North Pole on a nuclear Russian ice breaker, to Iran and to Burma (Myanmar). The presentations used  excellent photographs and included interesting information about the history of the locations and countries.

Photographing a walrus
Polar Bear
A relaxed polar bear
Persepolis, Iran
Kashan, Iran
Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 6.26.23 pm
Buddhist monuments, Bagan, Myanmar
Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 6.44.43 pm
Fishing on Lake Inle, Myanmar

Here is some information about other recent past meetings:

IMG_1028bAt our meeting in April 2019, our speaker was Associate Professor Sharon Brennan-Olsen. She is a Program Director at the Australian Institute for Musculoskeletal Science (AIMSS), part of a collaboration between Western Health and the University of Melbourne. Her research interests are the social determinants of musculoskeletal diseases and health service utilisation, and the biological mechanisms that may underpin the social gradient of musculoskeletal diseases. Her work encompasses a key focus on community engagement and knowledge translation. For our meeting, her topic was: “We all have two ages ‘Chronological and Biological’: The biological age is where the fun is!” AIMSS is conducting clinical trials and volunteers are welcome. For further information, please click here.

IMG_1036aAt the regular Club meeting  in May 2019, our speaker was Bill Reid, a member of the Alma Doepel Supporters Club Committee who, along with many others, has given countless hours to the restoration of the Alma Doepel. This is a three masted top sail schooner built in 1903 in Bellingen, NSW, by Frederik Doepel, and named after his youngest daughter Alma. She sailed mainly around the coast of Australia, carrying goods such as timber, wheat and jam. She was also used in World War II as a supply vessel in Papua New Guinea, before returning to commercial service around Tasmania in 1946. From 1961 to 1975 she was stripped of her rigging and used to carry limestone, before being sold, for the scrap value of her engines, to the Melbourne Company, Sail & Adventure, in 1976 for the advancement of youth through Sail Training.

Alma Doepel 1988From 1976 to 1987, Alma Doepel had her first restoration and returned to full sail to take part in the Parade of Sail in Sydney Harbour in January 1988. She was then used as a sail training ship, based in Melbourne, until 1999 when the need for work on the hull and lack of funds put a stop to this activity.

Alma Doepel 2019In April 2001, Alma Doepel was taken to Port Macquarie where she was berthed at Lady Nelson Wharf and open to the public as a static exhibit. In January 2009 the Alma Doepel returned to berth No 2 Victoria Dock (Melbourne) for her second restoration to return her to survey so she can recommence sail training. Bill Reid told us about this ongoing work. Further information may be found by clicking here.

DSC_0001At our regular meeting Club meeting in June 2019, our speaker was Dr Heather Wheat. Heather is a former tutor and research officer at the University of Melbourne. For more information, see her Facebook page by clicking here. Her talks are mainly about her travel blogs, and she spoke to us about her personal experiences in far east Russia particularly the Kamchatka Peninsula and the “Ring of Fire”, a series of active volcanoes [one the largest in the Northern Hemisphere]. Kamchatka is sparsely populated and covered with snow for most of the year. Wild life, brown bears, deer, wolves and bird life is abundant. Her talk was a wonderful travelogue, accompanied by excellent photos and a good geography lesson about this remote part of the world.

DSC_0003At our Club meeting in July 2019, our speaker was Mel Higgins, a retired teacher, now speaking to groups on behalf of RACV. His talk gave all sorts of useful tips to seniors about safe travel … both as drivers and as pedestrians. For more information click here. Useful further resources are available at the RACV site here.


At our regular meeting in August, our speaker was Merilyn Hoysted, a member of the Ceramics and Glass Circle of Australia. She is passionate and knowledgeable about ceramics and her thoroughly researched presentation was supplemented with a display of Scottish pottery. Her talk concentrated on the largest pottery in Glasgow – that of John and Matthew Perston Bell. These brothers were not potters but were successful in establishing one of the most profitable businesses (1841 – 1919), exporting all over the world including to South East Asia and Australia. For more information, click here. Product images may be seen by clicking here.


At our meeting in September 2019, our speaker was Amy Willet representing ‘Victorian Energy Compare’ from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Victorian Energy Compare is designed to read and understand your electricity bill and to ask your retailer for a better offer with the aim of saving money and reducing household energy consumption. Many members brought along their recent electricity bills and identified the relevant entries for consumption and cost. It was noted that all consumers are eligible for a $50 bonus offer … just for asking! For more information, please click here.

Latrobe logoAt the September meeting, there was a brief presentation by Abigail Deodatus, an Honours Psychology student at La Trobe University. She is conducting a research study about the structure and the role of technology social support on the levels of technology skills, interest, and physical activity in older adults. For further information, and access to an online survey please click here.


Our speaker at the October meeting was Leading Senior Constable Damien Collins, Officer of Hume Crime Prevention, based at Sunshine Police Station. He was accompanied by another officer from the Brunswick Station. His talk related to scams, frauds and security risks, and engendered much lively discussion and sharing of experiences. Slides from their PowerPoint presentation may be viewed by clicking here. Up-to-date information about scams is available on the Scamwatch website – click here or the logo below. Our speakers emphasised reporting of scams. This can be done through ACCC on the Scamwatch website.



 The last regular meeting for 2019, in November 2019, was a special celebration to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Club. The inaugural meeting of the Probus Club of Melbourne North was held at North Melbourne Football Club rooms on Wednesday 9th November 1994. The shortened “business” part of the meeting allowed time for the President to present some history of the Club and to recognise the founders and those who have made major contributions. An extended version of this presentation is available through the ‘Club History’ page. Please click here.  was a special celebration to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Club. The inaugural meeting of the Probus Club of Melbourne North was held at North Melbourne Football Club rooms on Wednesday 9th November 1994. The shortened “business” part of the meeting allowed time for the President to present some history of the Club and to recognise the founders and those who have made major contributions. An extended version of this presentation is available through the ‘Club History’ page. Please click here.

The Anniversary was toasted with bubbles and finger food, and founding members cut an Anniversary cake. Instead of our normal speaker we had some musical entertainment. Most members and guests remained to enjoy a convivial lunch together. For further photos from the Anniversary celebration, please click here.

Rick Nelsky, Beryl Noonan and Elizabeth Tribe. Founding members of the Club with the 25th Anniversary cake.

IMG_1174bThe first meeting for the 2020 New Year was held on Tuesday 28th January. Our guest speaker was Bev Moss, returning a year after her wonderful presentation to us in January 2019. Last year she explained why she was in her underwear in Buckingham Palace. At this meeting she explained another intriguing tale … living the high life in New York and being saved by Princess Diana!

Mark HarimanAt the meeting of the Club in February 2020 our guest speaker was Mark Hariman, from Absolute Care and Health Services, an independent organisation based in Melbourne that provides in-home Aged Care Services, for example disability support, respite care, palliative and 24 hour care, nursing and domestic support. It also advises on eligibility for in-house government funding and Mark concentrated on this information, particularly applying for Home Care Packages. For a full copy of his PowerPoint presentation, please click here.

Absolute Care slide